Pennsy Supply is the leading manufacturer of aggregate, sand, asphalt and concrete throughout the North and Central Regions of Pennsylvania providing materials for commercial construction, infrastructure development and residential building. Serving the region for more than 90 years, Pennsy Supply operates over 15 asphalt plants, 12 aggregate quarries, 3 sand sites and 6 ready mix concrete plants. In addition to providing professional paving services, Pennsy Supply is dedicated to manufacturing quality aggregate, sand, asphalt and ready mix concrete.

Pennsy Supply first teamed up with Mid-Atlantic Media Hub in 2017 in order to grow their brand and amplify their messaging through paid advertising. In this particular industry, finding and retaining quality workers is among the top priorities to ensure they are able to meet the demands of the businesses they serve.

Mid-Atlantic Media Hub was up for the challenge! Next we’re going to share the goals, strategy, outcome and lessons learned from this unique case study.